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Pinewood Splitter Wraps!

On a frigid November night, deep in the wilderness of Northern Alabama, a final shot of a van traveling down a secluded, tree-lined road marked the close of filming on the 3rd segment of Garth Manor's feature anthology.

After a busy preproduction schedule which lasted through summer and into early fall, cameras rolled in mid-November on "The Pinewood Splitter". Crew members from Austin, Nashville, and Alabama made up a talented 40 person team, and came together to film in a variety of unique locations.

The segment's Co-Director, Kristopher Phipps, spoke up on why they decided to move the production from Texas to Alabama, "I always knew that I wanted to eventually film something in that area. Whether it's the dense national forest or the pre-civil war cemeteries with large gothic tombs, this area of the country just offers an aesthetic that we couldn't find back home. But the biggest surprise were the amazing crew members and filmmaking friends that we connected with in Alabama. This is one of the very best crews that we've ever worked with."

Phipps, along with Co-Director, Jarrod Yerkes, lead the talented crew into the graveyard shift on several frigid nights that saw temperatures drop into the low 20's., but Phipps felt the challenge paid off, "We had a blast on this one. We were prepared and it was an all-pro crew. I was really happy with what we were able to accomplish with this one."

The project now moves into prep on the wraparound and climax segments of the film which are scheduled to be filmed in the spring.

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