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The gates opened..

Created by filmmaker, Kristopher Phipps in the summer of 2011, GARTH MANOR began as a small group of filmmaking friends working together to create some silly short films and simply be creative while hopefully growing as storytellers along the way.

In a few short years, Garth Manor had produced several award winning shorts which have screened around the world.

Shorts such as The Dark Walk Backward, Death Metal, The Last Delivery, We Summoned a Demon, and Guts, earned praise from major film and entertainment publications such as BIRTH. MOVIES.  DEATH.,


To date, Garth Manor shorts have been honored to receive over 150 festival awards.



It's Alive!

In 2014 we began created live events as way to connect with other movie fans and filmmakers.

These interactive events include revival screenings with celebrity guests, live concerts, and public Q&A's with groundbreaking filmmakers and artists. 

We created the "Young Blood Filmmaker Showcase" to help promote young and emerging filmmakers by screening their short film projects and introducing them to packed theater crowds.



If We Build It..

In 2018 we began construction on our very own studio.  A place where Garth Manor, and any filmmaker or artist in need, could have the space to be creative, build, and film anything they could imagine.

Soon after, we began producing genre themed ads, PSA's, and managed production design for clients in need of something unique. We also began SPFX supervising for those in need of help with all areas of practical FX.


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 8.29.07 PM.png

An Unstoppable Monster!

As we enter 2023, Garth Manor is putting the finishing touches on our first feature film.

Our goal is to help produce additional features and branch out into literary fiction and print.

And as always, our most important goal is to connect with as many other filmmakers and artists as possible, and to help them achieve their goals in any way we can!


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