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Birthday Wishes to Karloff.

Born on November 23rd, 1887 as William Henry Pratt, the man we know simply as Karloff, continues to inspire us all these years later.

Known best for his performance as Frankenstein's tragic creation brought to life in Jame's Whale's 1931 film version of Mary Shelly's classic tale, Boris Karloff, like so many famous monster performers, was so much more than that single, although legendary, role.

By all accounts, the pure definition of an English gentleman, Karloff was known for his soft spoken kind nature on set, his love for his dogs, his interest in gardening, and his passion for the sport of cricket.

Karloff was also an essential founding member of what would become the Screen Actor's Guild. He would sit for many long, uncomfortable hours in the make-up chair to prep for his day as Frankenstein's monster. But all those early morning call times were for no pay as working hours for an actor did not officially begin until one was in front of the camera. Karloff risked his own career to stand up and protect other working actors in a move that would change the film business forever.

Nearly 100 years later, Karloff's influence on our craft is still impossible to be fully measured. But Boris Karloff's presence looms large in the hearts of horror storytellers and monster makers everywhere.


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