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Updated: Feb 10

Holy Moly! We've really done it this time! What an awesome surprise to learn that our short film, GUTS, has been nominated in the Best Short category at the prestigious FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS!

Until the "Academy" starts recognizing the relevance of horror cinema, Fangoria's Chainsaw Awards will be the most coveted prize for the genre. You know what? Screw the Oscars.. there will never be anything greater than to be recognized by the one and only Fangoria.

After nomination, Chainsaw Award winners are chosen by the public. Yes, horror fans have the power to decide what they think is best.. which is the way it should be!

Here is description of the awards directly from Fangoria:

"This past year in horror has been an absolute feast of frights, and we are so excited to celebrate outstanding achievements in horror film and television with our 2023 Chainsaw Award nominations. Past recipients include Wes Craven, George A. Romero, Lupita Nyong’o, Anthony Hopkins, and Elisabeth Moss. Jordan Peele's Nope leads the pack this year with a total of ten nominations, including Best Wide Release Movie and Best Director.

Other nominees include “Barbarian,” “Pearl,” “Hellraiser,” “Chucky” and “Yellowjackets.” FANGORIA has also introduced two new categories this year: Best Short and Best Cinematography.

Our Editor-In-Chief, Phil Nobile Jr., shared, “We shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of love horror received from mainstream awards this year, but 2022 was an embarrassment of riches for the horror fan, and to see none of it nominated by the bigger institutions was a bit of a shock. As ever, FANGORIA is happy to pick up the slack."

Voting continues through February so head HERE to cast your votes!

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